Texas Brand Auto was envisioned by Daniel Spaeth and Ken Houston, two entrepreneurs in Dallas Texas. Before joining Daniel at Texas Brand Auto, Ken worked in the mortgage servicing industry approaching 10 years, working directly with customers and specializing in financial reviews to improve household budgeting. Daniel has owned and operated a successful Auto Repair Business, Dent Mechanic Group, in Plano Texas for over 4 years.

With Daniel’s business came first-hand experience dealing with vehicles deemed an ‘Insurance Total Loss’ due to hail, which usually ‘Brands’ the car history reports like CarFax and AutoCheck*, but leaves the actual title clean and clear (as do all hail damage claims in Texas). The decision by an insurance company to declare a ‘total loss’ is purely economic. Thousands of cars are damaged by hail every year in Dallas-Fort Worth alone, and hundreds come to Dent Mechanic Group for top tier repairs, just see some of the reviews!

At Texas Brand Auto we understand how hard it can be to stretch a dollar, let alone thousands of dollars on your vehicle purchase. That’s why we find the most valuable cars, trucks, and SUV’s we can at insurance auctions and trust our partners at Dent Mechanic Group perform our repairs. Purely cosmetic hail damage can never impact the structure or mechanical operation of a vehicle, so we select the most premium late model, and low mileage vehicles we can find for our inventory. Bringing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars of value is our goal! Our reviews speak for themselves, along with hundreds of happy customers a year at Dent Mechanic Group, we know you’ll find your purchase to be in outstanding condition!

How our process works:

Hail repair is a costly, time consuming, and labor intensive process for insurance companies. Often, when the impacted vehicle’s damage is estimated to be near a certain threshold, the insurance companies choose to cut their losses and try and recoup as much money as possible out of the situation. That happens more often with newer, and more premium cars, that the insurance companies determine will bring more value at auction.

Take this scenario as an example:

The 2017 Infiniti Q50 has an Actual Cash Value (ACV) of $25,000. The insurance company estimates the repair cost for hail damage on this car to be $15,000. Knowing that this is a late model, low mileage car, they expect it will sell at auction for $13,000. If they were to repair the car they would be writing a check to the repair facility for $15,000, and the customer would be on their way in the exact same repaired car (as hundreds do every year). Knowing they will make more on this car at auction, the insurance company can elect to ‘Total Loss’ the car, thereby paying out the customer the $25,000 ACV, but making back $13,000 or more at auction. In this case, the insurance company only actually spent $12,000, saving them money! That same car, completely repairable (using the same methods as any other hail repair) that is mechanically and structurally sound is then sold at auction.

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That’s where we step in!

Our ability to source clean titled, AutoCheck branded vehicles with purely cosmetic imperfections and restore the body to like-new condition allows us pass enormous savings to the new owners. We are meticulous in our vehicle acquisition, ensuring late-model and low-mileage cars are presented to the buyer at amazing prices. All of our vehicles carry a full disclosure if they have repairs performed, and every purchase comes with a free two year vehicle maintenance plan for added peace of mind! Financing, extended warranties** and GAP coverage are available for purchase on our vehicles as well.

At Texas Brand Auto we believe in honesty, family and integrity. These values make us proud to offer vehicles we know you’ll love to drive at a fantastic value!

We do NOT deal in salvage title, reconditioned salvage, or any kind of flood or structurally damaged vehicles*.

We also do not offer a high-pressure sales environment. That would go against our brand! Our vehicles are competitively priced, often the lowest price in hundreds of miles for a given make, model and mileage.

Disclaimer language:

*We strive to provide these vehicles at the best condition at the time of sale, but all vehicles are purchased ‘as is, where is’, disclosed as required by law. The contents of CarFax, AutoCheck, and other vehicle history reports are maintained by the respective companies and the agencies that choose to report to them. We review these thoroughly prior to our purchase of the vehicle, but we are not liable for any changes or additions to a vehicle history report. As with any used-vehicle purchase, we fully support and encourage you to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic of your choice, at your cost.

**We have partnerships with warranty companies that will allow an extended warranty to be purchased at additional cost. Some vehicles may have the remainder of a manufacturer’s factory warranty available. We can help contact the manufacturer of the vehicle to confirm any factory warranty remaining.